Auto Glass Repair

Express Autoglass performs thousands of safe auto glass replacements every year throughout Grand Forks and the surrounding communities.

In most cases, it’s the windshield that’s damaged but we also replace side windows, rear windows and sunroofs. We use only factory-authorized glass from industry-approved sources. And we use premium SIKA brand urethane adhesive that is heated to 180° and then allowed to cool and set for the strongest seal possible.

While safe drive away time varies with temperature and humidity levels, it typically takes about an hour for the adhesive to cure properly. Using SIKA brand urethane adhesive as long as it is dry and between 0° and 70° we can replace your glass right in your own driveway or office parking lot even if you have front airbags.

State-Of-The-Art Service Facility

If you’d like to bring your vehicle to us for a replacement, just drop off your vehicle at our convenient location. Our state-of-the-art, climate-controlled service bays keep the indoor environment at the right temperature which helps the adhesive set faster so we can get you back on the road as soon as possible.  You’re welcome to wait in our comfortable customer lounge, or you can drop the vehicle off and we’ll call you when it’s done.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is my windshield installed?

The windshield is glued in with a product called Urethane. We use SIKA ASAP. The windshield is primed, the urethane is heated to 180° for one hour on a special heater and this requires the vehicle to set for one hour.

Can you repair my windshield if it is chipped or do you have to replace it?

If the break is quarter size or smaller we can extract the darkness which is trapped air. Then we fill the cavity with resin and cure the resin with ultra violet light.

Will I lose the strength of the windshield?

No. When we do the repair, the resin goes into the small cracks and holds the cracks; therefore, you will not lose the structure strength of the windshield.

Why should I do a windshield repair rather than just replace it?

It is a lot cheaper and it usually only takes 20 minutes. It also holds the amount you pay in claims less which should help you keep your insurance rates down. Most insurance companies will pay for windshield repair 100%.

My windshield has a crack which goes across the windshield, should I replace it?

Yes. The windshield is the structure strength of the roof. The crack is a weak spot. In an accident, this will cause the windshield to lose its strength for the roof. This also creates an obstruction of vision.

If I replace my windshield, will it be as good as new?

Yes. The windshield will be as good as factory or possibly better.

How long does it take to replace the windshield?

It takes us 1½ to 2 hours to remove and replace your windshield with asap SIKA urethane.  We will only let you drive your vehicle when the urethane is set and safe for your vehicle and even vehicles with airbags.